Additional employee benefits are often included as part of a competitive benefits package in order to attract and retain employees. They feature a host of options like life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, and voluntary/worksite benefits. We work with an extensive catalog of carriers, so we can offer our clients more options and the best product in each of these unique categories. 

Developing the right additional benefits package requires careful planning, and that’s where Burchfield Insurance can help. We’ll guide you through the planning and funding options to set up great offerings for your current and future employees.

Employer options can be voluntary or contributory coverage and include:

  • Dental Insurance 
  • Vision Insurance 
  • Life Insurance 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Voluntary/Worksite Benefits 


Life Insurance

85% of employers offer some form of group life insurance. These are a popular benefit among employees and are often the only life insurance policy they have. For employers, life insurance is an inexpensive way to add an additional benefit for employees which helps employees secure the financial future of their families. Employers, from all industries and areas, can select basic term life or whole life insurance plans to offer to employees and their families.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is the number one non-medical insurance benefit offered by employers and is an important addition to group benefits. It can be personalized for your company and your employees from a variety of options designed to maximize benefits and keeps costs affordable. At Burchfield Insurance, our mission is to find the best dental insurance for your company and your employees from the wide range of carriers available.

Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a popular extension of group benefits among employees. This benefit offers a number of budget friendly options to meet the vision care needs of your employees and their dependents. Vision insurance is a value-added benefit for employees, which comes at a low cost to employers.

Disability Insurance

An employees earning power is there greatest asset which is why disability insurance is so important to a benefits package. Research indicates that 1 in 3 employees will become disabled for 90 days or more at some point in their career. Disability insurance covers your employees should they suffer accidental injuries or illnesses and can be designed for both short-term coverage as well as long-term coverage. Disability coverage pays a portion of an employee’s income should they be unable to work.

Voluntary Worksite

Voluntary/Worksite benefits help employees offset out-of-pocket healthcare expenses and can be used to provide financial security in the event of accidents, catastrophic illness, cancer, and more. These benefits are employee funded through payroll deductions, and can be customized to each employees individual needs. Coverage is low cost, premiums are pre-tax, and most importantly, they serve to enrich your employee benefits program.

Add the Additional Employee Benefits Needed to Ensure Employee Engagement and Retention

At Burchfield Insurance, we know the significance of additional employee benefits to employee engagement and retention. Included in these employee benefits are life insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, and voluntary/worksite benefits. Contact us today and discover how to include these valued options in your employee benefits program – meeting both your employees’ needs and staying within your budget requirements. As an independent agency, we know service is the key to success, and with that in mind, our mission is to deliver the best for our clients and build long-lasting relationships. Contact us today to receive your FREE quote.