At Burchfield Insurance Group, human resources solutions provided via our HR software suites go beyond the scope of just employee benefits and delivers effective business applications for our clients. Human resource management is crucial to business success, from enhancing employee engagement and retention to bolstering company image and operations.

Human Resource Solutions Assistance Areas

Our human resource solutions are designed to deliver the assistance our clients need including these central areas:

  • Strategic People Management
  • Education, Training, and Development
  • Risk Management, Safety, and Compliance

With Burchfield Insurance Group, our HR software solutions feature ThinkHR and Zywave.

ThinkHR Risk Management Software

Featured at Burchfield Insurance, ThinkHR understands the needs of business owners and delivers a powerful HR management solution. With ThinkHR’s Live team our clients gain access to the expertise and guidance needed for resolving many issues including those related to compliance, healthcare, employment law, and safety. The ThinkHR solution features the Employee Handbook Builder, which can help you clearly communicate company policies and keep the details current. These are just a few of the many resources available to our clients for HR solutions. Click here to learn more.

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Zywave Cloud Solutions

Burchfield Insurance also offers Zywave Cloud Solutions, working well beyond the scope of benefits with trusted advice from the Zywave team of experts. This HR Software Suite promises self-service resources and tools to help businesses remain compliant, manage risks, and build the best employee team possible.

Zywave Client Cloud Solutions delivers:

  • Customized Benefit Booklets
  • Total Compensation Statements
  • Salary Benchmarking Tool
  • Performance Review Builder
  • Custom Job Description Builder
  • Interview Question Builder
  • ACA Reporting
  • Compliance Notice

Every solution helps companies better serve their clients and employees, saving time and money, and positively affecting the bottom line.

Get the Human Resource Solutions You Need with Burchfield Insurance

Burchfield Insurance has the human resource solutions your company needs. Solutions are delivered via our featured HR software suites – ThinkHR and Zywave – and provide the needed solutions for companies beyond the span of employee benefits. Each offers extensive applications for our business clients to increase employee engagement, productivity, and retention, while continually enhancing the company brand.

Burchfield Insurance’s human resource solutions promise to guide our clients in these areas: Risk Management, Safety, and Compliance; Education, Training, and Development; Strategic People Management; and Enrollment and Onboarding. Contact us today and discover how to put our human resource solutions to work for your business success.