At Burchfield Insurance Group, we know all about Medicare Advantage Plans (Medicare Part C) and we can help you select the plan that is right for you. A plan that not only provides for your healthcare needs, but fits your lifestyle and budget is important to your future. As an independent firm, we stay on top of the latest changes in Medicare and provide that information to you, our customers, as you transition to the ideal Medicare options for you.

What is Medicare Advantage?

While most people understand Medicare Part A (hospital insurance) and Medicare Part B (medical insurance), there is often some confusion regarding Medicare Advantage (called Medicare Part C) and Medicare Supplements (Medigap Plans). You must have Part A and Part B in order to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Product.

Medicare Advantage plans are provided by private insurance carriers delivering Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B, and usually offering Part D as well. These plans also provide additional coverage beyond Original Medicare such as dental, vision, and hearing benefits. Different than Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage plans limit annual out-of-pocket costs. Plans vary by area, and often require utilization of a network of doctors.

Medicare Advantage plans offer many positives, but should you have questions when making the decision between Medicare Advantage and Medigap, please call on the team at Burchfield Insurance to guide you with the latest available information. Premiums for Medicare Advantage plans are much lower than those for Medicare Supplements (Medigap plans) with Medigap enrollees paying considerably more on a monthly basis. Many Medicare Advantage plans are zero premium plans, meaning they are available to you at no cost.Premiums vary year to year, as each year carriers must file their plans for approval. Your premium will not, however, increase based on your age or health condition.

Medicare Advantage plans often include prescription drug options under the same monthly premium, which Medigap plans do not. With Medigap plans, you must secure a stand alone Medicare Part D plan for prescription drug benefits.

Medicare Advantage plans have an open enrollment period annually. During open enrollment you can change plans easily if needed. You cannot be denied enrollment based on health status. In contrast, for guaranteed Medigap enrollment you must enroll when you first sign up for Medicare Part B,or risk being turned down later due to pre-existing conditions.

Is Medicare Advantage right for you?

As you navigate Medicare, take time to compare Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplements. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you in the review of the Medicare Advantage plans offered in the area and help you compare them to the Medicare Supplement options so you can find the ideal Medicare solution for you. We are ready to help you navigate Medicare to find the plan which meets your healthcare needs and fits your lifestyle and budget.

Considering Medicare Advantage? Let Burchfield Insurance Help You!

Are you trying to decide if Medicare Advantage is right for you? If so, Burchfield Insurance’s trusted team of professionals can help you, providing comparisons for the best options for you. The advantages of Medicare feature options for coverage including Medicare Advantage or Medicare Part C as well as other Medicare Supplements. With Medicare Advantage, private insurance companies provide Medicare Part A and Part B benefits, often with prescription drug coverage and other additional benefits. Contact Burchfield Insurance today to learn more about Medicare Advantage and receive your FREE quote.